Solution to the March Puzzler

The Magnificent Mile is generally considered t...

Remember the March Puzzler question?

Was North Michigan Avenue once named:

a. Streeter Boulevard?

b. Emerald Street?

c. McLean Avenue?

d. Pine Street?

e. First Avenue?

To all of you who said First Avenue, I’m sorry, even though a street once known as Fifth Avenue is five blocks west of  Michigan Avenue. And you who said or thought it could be Streeter Boulevard, too bad, even though it borders the Streeterville neighborhood. When you think about it, the City would never name a major street after Cap Steeter, whom it battled for 30 years over claims to the land.

No, folks. The correct answer to the Puzzler is . . . . . Pine Street. Congratulations to you who suggested it or even thought it.

As hard as I’ve tried, I can come up with no great, historical reason for naming the street Pine. The only thing I found is that there was once a small stand of pine trees around what is now North Michigan Avenue and Oak Street.

Have you got any good ideas for the Puzzler? Send in your suggestions! 


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