Solution to the Mini-Puzzler

Steve Goodman

Steve Goodman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several days ago I sent out an early-bird Mini-Puzzler. The question I asked referred to the familiar Chicago experssion, “The Hawk is flying today.” I wanted to know, Who or what is the Hawk?

Congratulations to all you veteran Chicagoans who answered that the Hawk is the Chicago wind, especially the winter wind. That morning I had been hit by the 30 mph wind and temperature in the low forties. After having enjoyed record breaking tropical weather for the previous 10 days I was quite impressed with the change. So I pulled out my old out-of-use Chicagoese and expressed myself to a neighbor, who enthusiastically approved.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “Chicago’s wind is  often called ‘The Hawk’. This term has long been popular in African American Vernacular English. An early Chicago citation in the Chicago Defender, October 20, 1936: ‘And these cold mornings are on us – in other words ‘Hawkins’ has got us.’

The first line of Steve Goodman‘s song, ‘Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request’, is ‘By the shores of old Lake Michigan / Where the Hawk Wind blows so cold …'” 


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