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Solution to the May Puzzler

Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois. Designed ...

Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois. Designed by Graham, Anderson, Probst & White, constructed 1928–1930.

May’s Puzzler dealt with the size of Willis Tower , formerly Sears Tower, and its size in terms of square feet: 3.8 million sq. ft.

The Puzzler Question:

What is another building in  Chicago to have in the neighborhood of 3.8 million square Feet?

If you said the Merchandise Mart you win! The Mart encompasses 4 million square feet and was the world’s largest until the Pentagon was built. The Pentagon has 6.6 million sq. ft. but is now only the seventh largest building, and the Mart isn’t even on the top twenty list.

Some of you weren’t too confident in your answer, and even one or two thought I might be trying to trick you. Perish the thought! 

One person hedged their bets and also offered the old Chicago Post Office Building (now closed) as a guess. You got me thinking, so I looked it up. But it’s just a piker compared to the Mart with just 2.6 million square feet.

Thanks to all who sent in your answers.


Special thanks to Mary Gerding for suggesting this Puzzler question. Keep ’em coming, Mary.  And if anyone out there has a good puzzler question to offer, please do.


Underpasses 2 – Belmont Avenue

 The Underpass at Belmont Ave and Lake Shore Drive connects trendy Lake View East and Wrigley Field with Belmont Harbor and the boating community. The mosaics of the underpass, known as Rhythm and Views, is a preview of the neighborhood’s spirit.

Baseball any0ne?

Hey! Hey!

Whaaa. . .

The May Puzzler

Chicago’s Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) is the tallest building in North America. Its massive profile dominates the skyline and the cityscape. Spread over its 1,450-foot height are 3.8 million square feet of space.










However, there is another building in Chicago that encompasses approximately the same number of square feet. So this month your Puzzler is:

What is the other building besides the Willis Tower to  have in the neighborhood of 3.8 million square feet?

OK there you go! Just submit your answer as a comment. I’ll reveal the solution in a couple of weeks.

Good Luck!