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Solution to the August Puzzler

Thanks to all of you who sent in entries to the contest!

Got lots of great – and  interesting – responses.

As you’ll recall, the Puzzler question. You were asked about the picture above, “What is it? and Where is it?”

The solution in a moment, but first some special mentions.

No. 1 Joan, your research was impecible.

No. 2 Congrats to Mary. Very good, brief and to the point answer.

No. 3 Here’s to  Jim who got the right, but not perfect, answer. Let’s just say, modesty forbids me from saying that the name “Ambrose” had anything to do with it.

No. 4 OK, Bill gets some credit for agreeing with Jim

No. 5  And Soren, OK you agreed with Bill.

No. 6 George? OK, a gentleman’s C. 

Here’s some official answer info: According to Wikipedia, William Ambrose Hulbert (Oct 23, 1832 – April 10, 1882) was one of the founders of the National League, the very first major league, and was the president of the Chicago White Stockings, the forerunner of the Chicago Cubs. 

Hulbert was buried in Graceland Cemetery at Clark and Addison in Chicago in 1882. The large baseball headstone commemorates Hulbert’s and Al Spalding’s founding of the National League. They organized the league with four teams from the West and four from the East. The cities’ names are inscribed on the stone.

Watch for next month’s Puzzler!


Entries are coming in! Be sure to weigh in on the August Puzzler!

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Solution in two weeks.


The August Puzzler

Here’s the August Puzzler.

Your question this month is very straightforward:

What is it? And where is it?

There you have it. Enter your answers as a comment. I’ll reveal the solution in a couple of weeks.

Good Luck!