The October 2012 Puzzler

 Time for the October Puzzler! This time it’s multiple choice, so all you folks who did good on tests, y’all will love this challenge.

 Sometimes there is more than one correct answer, so give it a shot. Let’s go! 

1. Whose ashes were scattered from the foot bridge behind the Museum of Science and Industry that leads to the Wooded Island famous during the 1893 World’s Fair?

a. Harry Houdini  b. Clarence Darrow  c. Frank Lloyd Wright  d. Shoeless Joe Jackson  e. Jane Addams

2. Which of the answers below was true of William B. Ogden?

a. Ogden, Utah was named after him.  b. Ogden was the first mayor of Chicago.

c. Ogden was President of the Union Pacific Railroad when the Golden Spike was driven in Ogden, Utah, connecting eastward and westward bound railways.

d. His brother’s mansion burned in the Chicago Fire.  e. William Ogden was buried in a vat of wine.

3. What is Chicago’s official motto?

a. City in a Garden  b. I Will!  c. Windy City  d. Urbs in Horto  e. Waddjoo jus’ say t’me?!

Send in your answers or swags (superficial wildass guesses). Put them in a “Comment” and I’ll divulge the solution in a couple of weeks!

Good Luck, y’all.



About Chicago Stories

I'm a Chicagoan, have been for fifty years. I've had a consulting business in the city for thirty-eight years, working with many Chicago companies and organizations and others around the world. Before that, I worked the city's race relations agency for five years.I am a volunteer tour guide for Chicago's Greeter Program and introduce visitors from around the world to this beautiful city. I'm also a writer of several professional books as well as poetry, essays and fiction. The city has become my inspiration, education and entertainment. View all posts by Chicago Stories

5 responses to “The October 2012 Puzzler

  • George Wilson

    I was tempted to Google Odgen but will not cheat. 1-a 2-a-b- &c 3-c I know windy city is right… I hope. Wilson

  • Paula Moscinski

    OMG! I, too, was tempted to google Ogden as was George,
    AND I didn’t. So here are my answers. 1. e 2. b & d, 3. b

  • Soren Ambrose

    1. e; 2. b, d, and e; 3. d is the official answer; a is the translation.

    I think.

  • noreen

    1. a) I know that Houdini’s ashes were buried one Halloween from some Chicago bridge. I don’t know if this is the bridge or was there another perhaps in Lincoln Park?

    2) I think a,b,and c apply. I think it is unlikely about the wine burial.

    3) b) “I will”. Had to do a project in grammar school on the city and that’s what I recall. Today it may apply to any expenditure the little Napoleon wants, and excepts the Chicago Cubs — now headed by a bunch of idiots.

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