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A Poem for the Month

Chicago Stories’ Puzzler is taking this month off.

In its place is “A Poem for the Month,” one of my recent poems,

usually on a topic of interest in Chicago or something having taken place here.

Magic Start 

The light-bathed, glass veranda

welcomes you to lunch high above

sparkling yellow leaves lining the

bronze River winding through

a Miesian canyon,

gently suggesting that

dining is



You order wine. Chardonnay.

Peruse the menu absent Soup du Jour,

Buffalo Wings, Miniature Crab Cakes.

Fall for the mysterious Toasted Corn Bread Pudding ,

Spicy Shrimp, with Warm Pico de Gallo,

Avocado Salsa.

Luscious crisp round crust encasing

supreme soft pudding smoothness

that seeks out every suggestible

corner of your mouth. In time,

add a sip of wine,

senses singing out a chorus

of rhapsodic tingle and attitude.

Another bite, into beautiful

copper grilled shrimp, begs that

the moment never end.


Pause, return to pudding,  

shrimp and wine,

leisurely now.

The wine settles on your pallet, and you

are the wondrous being

you’ve suspected of yourself  

all these years. 

You can do anything.


Anything at all, especially the never-before.

Gazing out your back window,

re-tasting the moment,

Chopin turned low, settle back

and revel

in your first, most perfect nap.


Copyright© Larry Ambrose


Correction of the October Puzzler answer

I am grateful for the correction to my answer to one of the questions on the October, 2012 Puzzler.

Here it is:

As a distant relative of  William Butler Ogden, I feel I need to correct some mis-information regarding one of the answers to your questions about him.

a. Ogden, Utah was NOT named in honor of William Butler Ogden. It was named in honor of another relative in the extended Ogden family: Peter Skene Ogden. The father of Peter Skene Ogden (related to the family line of William Butler Ogden), Isaac Ogden, went to Canada during the Revolutionary War because he was a loyalist. Peter Skene Ogden was an early explorer of what is now  Utah. 

– Jean DeLauche