Monthly Archives: July 2013

Here’s your new Puzzler for July!

The phrase, “Smoke-Filled Room” is nothing new. In fact, it seems to have been in the vernacular forever. But where did it come from? When did it first appear? And how did it get into common use?

Well, as you may have suspected by now, the Smoke-Filled Room made its first recognized appearance right here in Chicago! How appropriate. And it was introduced as a result of a political convention.

Therein lies the basis of this month’s Puzzler. Your challenge is to answer these questions:

1. In what year was the term, Smoke-Filled Room introduced?

2. Specifically, where in the Windy City did the Smoke-Filled Room come into use? And what was the result?

3. And, in which party’s convention was it first popularized?

Send me your answers as a “comment” and I’ll publish the correct answer in a couple of weeks.

Good Luck1